About Democracy at Work DC

DC graffiti mural - Homeless Lives Matter

Mission Statement

At Democracy at Work DC (d@w-DC), we endeavor to further our parent organization’s purpose, that is, raising awareness and generating a positive social and cultural shift towards Worker Cooperatives. Worker Co-ops are a way to reorganize our workplaces in a truly democratic fashion, where decision-making power and wealth are shared equally. Through promotion, education, and connection with local organizations, we aim to be a hub in Washington DC that advocates for and facilitates the transformation of our economic system.

Our parent organization is the national non-profit, Democracy at Work, a media creator and curator which advocates for worker cooperatives. d@w expanded its activities in 2016 by supporting the formation of local groups such as d@w-DC.

Welcome Message from Richard Wolff

Contact Us

d@w-DC is staffed by volunteers who are active in progressive movements in the Washington DC area. You can reach us via email at dc@democracyatwork.info or connect with us on Facebook.